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08:48pm 29/10/2002
  I know this is off topic but I feel that it is very important.

Please tell ten friends to tell ten today:
The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman.

It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to all your friends!! http://www.thebreastcancersite.com

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08:37pm 17/09/2002
mood: horny
My sex thoughts.

1-My husband is in the Army, so we live on a military post. I spend all of my time surrounded with some of the best looking hard-bodied young men in the world. All different shapes, sizes, and races. My most secret fantasy is to be in my back yard, watching a whole company do their physical training. All of those hard sweaty bodies straining, working hard and I'd be standing naked in my yard watching them. Then they would finish their exercises, and go to leave. But a few, in the back of the formation would see me standing there, all hot and bothered from watching them, and come over to help me ease all that frustration. I would invite them in, all four of them. We'd get no farther than the living room when they'd surround me, touching, kissing, and licking whatever they could reach. I'd feel one of them sucking on each nipple, and the other two working between my legs, and admiring how wet they had made me.

2-I was having sex with my boyfriend in his room. It got so hot in the room and I needed a drink of water, so I got up to go to the kitchen. When I opened the bedroom door, my boyfriend's roommate was standing there in his boxers only and listening to us. I caught him by surprise and at first, he tried to act cool, but when he saw me in my sheer and tiny nightie, he grabbed me and pinned me up against the wall. He was breathing heavy in my ear and whispering my name and he was trying to hold himself back but his hands were so desperate and his bare chest was so sexy and I could feel him against my thigh, I was so intensely aroused. I just stood there and let him pull my panties off. He didn't push himself inside me and we just stayed like that for so long, as we kissed and he whispered into my ear "I want to come inside you so bad." In the heat of the moment, neither of us noticed my boyfriend standing in the doorway and watching us. My heart pounded with the intensity of the arousal and fear I was feeling. To my surprise, my boyfriend just stood there and started massaging himself. I let out a gasp as his roommate entered me. One thing led to another and at the end of the night, I came so intensely as I sat on the roommate's lap and rode him with my back towards him as I gave my boyfriend the most incredible (*&@%*.

3-It began with eye contact, me and another very hot, sexy Latina. We then see a man, a very hot man, and no words exchanged, we seduce him. We are complete strangers. But we seduce this man and convince him to come home to my place. We then sit him on the sofa, and tell him he can't participate, just watch. He can masturbate, but can't break our flow. Then two of us start to kiss. Her lips are full and wet, and the kiss is long, sexy and passionate. I sit her in a chair. I start to slowly lick down her neck until I get to her cleavage. She is obviously getting excited, because she parts her legs and starts rubbing herself. I start to suck her nipples when all of the sudden I hear a moan form the sofa. She starts laughing because our voyeur is has his pants around his ankles. He begs to join us, and she says, "no please, let me enjoy this sexy thing all to myself.

4-It started when I moved abroad and met 4 great people: 2 girls, 2 guys. My third week we all went away to the mountains for the weekend. Late the first night, we bought some gin and fake eyelashes. After a few drinks, we convinced the guys that it would be a bonding experience to put on the eyelashes. They did, and strangely enough it was a total turn on. The power surrendered to us women by them was sexy. We had another beverage and decided to play truth or dare. It all started off innocently enough...strip for the group, etc. Then a truth question to the girls: have you made out with another girl...? I was the only one who hadn't. My next turn I opted for a dare in hopes of them making me kiss one of the girls. I was right. With her long, wavy hair, she crawled in close to me and leaned her head to the side. For the first time, I touched the lips of another woman with my own. Our tongues mingled like old friends and before long, I could feel another set of lips with ours. I opened my eyes to see that one of the guys had joined in. I backed off slightly and the third girl in our group took my place while the final guy grabbed me tightly, threw me gently to the ground and quickly started to undress me. Someone turned off the lights, and from here it's hard to tell who was doing what to whom.

5-I would go out with my best friend Marty dancing. He goes to get a drink for himself. I start dancing by myself after I have had two drinks. I'm dancing and I see the most sexy redhead ever. She was wearing the darkest red lipstick and her eyes filled with black smudge eyeliner. Sexy black fishnets cover her pale legs and red high heels with the shortest of skirts. I would be dancing when we glance at each other by mistake. This glance seems like forever. She sits at the bar and watches me dance. I'm drunk and touching myself right on the dance floor. I see her stare at me even more now,so I try to put on more of a show for her. I smile back. Then I see her walk towards the bathroom. I go follow her and to my very surprise she is there bent over fixing her shoes. I stand there helpless watching in disbelief. Does she want me? She holds out her hand to me. She presses her mouth onto mine. I'm marked with her redness. She starts feeling my breasts and then grabs me into the bathroom stall. I can feel my blood pumping faster and faster.She gets onto her knees as I feel her wet tounge on my outer lips,so gently while she slips her two finger into me. Then she goes in deeper when all of a sudden we hear a knock. She gets up and we both fix ourselfs up very fast and open the door. When we see another lady dressed in all black with jet black hair and green eyes. I smile at her and so does the redhead. She kindly asks if we are having fun in there? We all laugh and then she says with a blushful face "May I join you two?" We both look at her witg aproval. The lady puts an "out of order" sign onto the door. Then we all go at it right there on the bathroom floor.

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09:54am 19/08/2002
  I just want to share with everybody that I now have my Clit Pierced!!

I went into the back room and I saw some other people who worked there. He told me to undress from the waist down.I was SO nervous. I couldn't even talk. I was shaking and thinking of changing my mind and that I was crazy. I sat on the table and put my feet up. The first thing I felt was him cleaning the area with a cold liquid. He wiped it off with a dry cloth. Then I felt him spread my outer lips and grasp my hood. That really got me squirming but at the same time I was scared because I knew what was going to happen. I have never felt so many strong emotions all at one time like I did at that moment. He then took hold of my clit and pulled gently on it. I felt the same way when he pierced my navel but the only reason I got that done was because I was bored and it was free. I let that close up though. anyway..I didn't give a shit anymore.I closed my eyes tight and clenched my jaws. I could feel every muscle in my body tighten. Suddenly I felt a very sharp pain and then a sudden rush of warmth all over. I can honestly say I know what people mean when they say "It hurt so good". Immediately after the piercing I was in total shock and went right home.I had the best orgasm on my life right on the damn train! Ice is my best friend.

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10:25am 08/08/2002
  A DREAM I HAD------I'm drunk and right now I'm so in love with you...
Play it cool ,play it off as nothing. I wake up with you holding me in the bathroom wiping My face off with cold water.I was sitting or laying on your lap,the dim light catching on your coal black hair.There were red light bulbs hanging from the ceiling ,bright moonlight was revealed with the window open.I felt thunder hit as you tilt your head
and I stared at your neckline. I can see the softness of your skin through glassy eyes
and I long to be there, trapped in that moment, my sweet temptation.Everything was black & white until the end of the dream where I cup your angelic face in my hands
and whisper to you how much I want you,to be the rain as it lands on your neck
the air as it breezes through your hair, that delicious raspberry riot lip gloss you smear across your lips .I long and I long and you never get any closer as the world is turning around your face. I have a little more vodka and stare through the haze that are my drunk glassy eyes and tingling skin .I watch as your boyfriend puts his arm around you
as I cross the sea of A plush stain guarded carpet and realize that you aren't there anymore .Sensuality, smiling at the thought of you twisted up in me .I can feel you breathing down my neck, even though you're across the room my imagination loves to help out with these sort of things I thought to myself. I can feel my spine tingle with the anticipation of your voice the suspense is a killer, but worth every minute when I get my lips on you . I want to use my mouth to find my way to your mind I wanna talk you through this pleasure had no name before my time with you...
I wanted her lips on me so bad I could taste it.. We were outside nowsomething about her wet hair all plastered to her face. That look of anger and torment as she put her hand on her neck. The sky behind her was covered in dark clouds and the rain kept pouring down around us. Our t-shirts were stuck like an airtight seal to our bodies as we embraced. Her lips searched to find that special spot in my neck. I could look in her eyes and pass into her mind. I could see what i was doing to her inside. The chemistry
the desire even before the words could form on her lips I knew it "Kiss me." My crimson lips were on hers before she could finish. Water sliding between us,over us and under us .We were oblivious to anything but each other. My breasts against hers. Hearts pounding into each other, goosebumps forming on our skin . Our lips because we shared the same space in that instance .I savored that moment because it was about to be over. She was the angel smiling down with my lips pressed to hers and her hands in my hair I was in bliss .Never before had I felt something so beautiful this combined effort
shared embrace .Her body no longer warm against mine. I missed my angel with black hair and dark satin skin.Everything inside of myself that I couldn't project .I drank myself sexual .I let alcohol do the talking. I thought she left for good. Everything went black for a split second .You're Coming Back In Bits Of The Either. flowing... floating into me from nowhere .Nights wrapped up in your, arms entangled like those grapevines I wanted to grow. You smelled like summer, dipped in spring and I was fall, falling into you.
You completely surrounded me and took me in. I lost myself in the waters of you. Your body curving and bending while I kissed you. Lips, so luscious, parting anytime mine were near. I can still feel your breath on my neck. It's making me dizzy, but I know you're not here now. and I miss you... She has me running circles around myself. perfect, tight, spirals. and i'm losing sigh of all those things I feared. Erased, dissolved, dispersed.
Memories, perhaps, of sweltering hot days spent in murky, lake water.Summer, Sweat and Sunshine Bubbling and boiling inside my cranium.You walked up behind me to kiss My back and in between my shoulder blades. Its warm, the summer air swaying into the windows, carrying the sound of the streets. When I got lonely, I crawled into your bed.
Under the blankets regardless of the heat.Thinking and thinking.You once had your arm Over my hips.and I could smell the oils you just put in your hair.The moon is glowing in the inky sky again. The rain has finally ceased. It's easier to sleep here next to you,
behind closed lids. You're warm and now so am I. Knowing I have somewhere to go
and then finally the sweet release of your voice, over and over again.
and then

What a dream!!!

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02:31pm 04/08/2002
mood: enthralled
::::A dream of a Letter:::::

Dearest Love,

I rose in early morning without you near. How could this be? I did not have the gentle sweetness of your loving arms nor did I smell the flowers that possessed your dark hair. I was without the sound of your throbbing heartbeat in your chest. I hear only wind without grace now. I miss you and adore you in equal amounts as I languish here my mind dwells to the increasing longing that haunts me to no end. As one frequently sits her in this house of loneliness and decrepitude rubbing against this keyboard and monitor,pretending I am conversing with you. Excelling within one's own kisses thus touch.

I lay here mesmerized and sheerly spellbound.
Please snap one out of this neverending trance, but a mere thought of this ending would be death itself..........

Love Always, Deborah

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07:38pm 16/06/2002
  A vagina for summer?

This link is very ummm.......funny yet strange
Everybody has to see this!, you just have to let it load. It's a short video.
I wish I could get the movie.

Maybe it is off topic,but maybe you guys would like it.

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01:52am 13/05/2002
  Turn up the TV! Do you agree?
"You can go for a week without love -
you will die without food."

Penetrating subway
Those vaginas with rails that squeak and eat
Bacteria to confirm
lubricating tunels of hard steel
a platform of stone,of gum,
of movement
some wooden chairs and me
Toes turning
trucking it forward
Turn up the TV! Do you agree?
Subway doors open
seats of bright orange
The bell yelling out "DING DONG!"

They move in
way to fast
just like sperm
Sweet or spicy?
before you know it
just like sperm
Sweet or spicy?
coming from the left and then the right

We died easily
give me rubber when leaves fall
like sprinkling pixie dust upon a turtles head
Extra sugar, Extra salt, Extra oil, and MSG
are down there where rats lay
a hidden track where they eat in bottles
The point of my high heel was stepping on a man's shadow

They move in
way to fast
just like sperm
Sweet or Spicy?
before you know it
just like sperm
Sweet or Spicy?

Coming from the left and then the right
they wiggle toward the egg
running for a seat as the moment is paused before me
down we all go dancing to the music of the rats and flashing tunnel light
dirty tiles and running sperm
I went to the subway to study anatomy
lubricating juices flowed
this maple is so sweet

Sweet or Spicy?

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12:45pm 16/04/2001
  It seemed to be a lacerated night, home alone or so one thought this to be true.
The translucent boys and girls, gaunt, naked, and sweet, perched on the gunwales of their white boat, tumbling into the green like water, luminosity of skin, muscles, bones, boiling blood all while my fingers dipped into it, coursing along my inner thigh.

Oh the tingling of purple organs spasming. It invaded what was beautiful and consumed my heart. So it's intimate approach gave me my pause in exchange for it's name, blue, red, white............
on and on my fingers went. I was not alone, so it seemed. There was another who sat on the floor up against the wall with the white letting her face stand out.

The mildewed siding, the moldering studio, the crud, grime, scale and litter on the walls, floors, work surfaces. Old old old pennies in a bowl. By touch, the artist studied the groove in her forearm running from elbow to wrist, learned it in a quarter of a second using the dirty forefinger with the crusted nails thus ancient blackening paint, laid down in the whorls of her skin.
I was a happy little alien, somehow free to juggle this odd earthling identity with either hand.
It remained for her to feel the artist's stiff greasy hair on her neck, her chest, her gut, to feel her lips on her nipples, to feel the woman's shark-tongue.

We painted the floor,to smell the sweetest breath, which made her, the object of desire, by contrast, that much sweeter. It remained for her to struggle to pull the artist off, to fall back with platable vigilance. The white slide down her back and on her belly. Her feet lay in greem and her hair dyed blue and white. The oil bottle sat by the wall only to be used in a momments time.

she fell back with her ass in the damp old underwear and moldy paper towels on the floor, to wind her hands in the artist's hair and yank as hard as she could to learn if the woman's hunger was strong, and to find that it was, to understand that it was stronger than hers,then mine.
then we painted together for the first time.....
how lovley this is in all!!

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11:33am 03/04/2002
  I thought people in this community might be interested in the new community called eroticatales.

It's a community set up to give people an outlit to practice sexual and sensual writing and get feedback about their work.

Every Wednesday an exercise/challenge will be posted and will be due by the next Wednesday. Anyone (over 18) can join.

Keep writing everyone!

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07:20pm 25/03/2002
  Where'd everyone go?  

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06:01pm 24/02/2002
mood: awake
who would have known?
My bubblegumd heart
makes sticky jumps up on steps
smelling of femininity
just for her
the blood that leaks
A forest full of whiteness
that touches ones hair
directly splashing at hearts
across one night filled with love
swimming toward a sunny train
on wondering water
she came to me
in a blushing dream
ice piercing,infuriated heat
Have I done this before?
laid out in lust,under covers
a cup of coco before
the candlelight sparkled
danced on it's own peak
one can only dream of recurrence

who would have known?
a touch so crisp
in much surprise
One has hatched
One has blossomed
in to new caves
on higher mountain tops

now One sips tea
a hand full of shedding skin
a sweet remembrance
of sucking fingertips and napping necks
raised the temperature expectations
undulating in scintillating rhythms
and I live on
Who would of known...............?
Copyright 2001 Deborah Rom

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A Warning 
04:04pm 05/11/2001
mood: angry
Last week I found out that another LJ user had posted one of my stories in her journal as her own writing, http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=13986766. I would never have known about this if it hadn't been for someone anonymously telling me about it.

I have written to the LJ abuse people about it, but I haven't heard anything back. So I think it would be a good idea if we all look out for each other and let people know if you find evidence of plagiarism of their work.

Each of us puts a certain amount of ourselves into our writing. And seeing it blatantly ripped off by someone else is really maddening. So if I see evidence of this happening again, to anyone, you can be sure I won't stand by and not say anything.

Thanks for your support.

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The news 
06:54am 12/09/2001
mood: So Sad

Fear is a word that I thought Id forgotten,
also death is a word I rarely seem to say.
Peace is a thought that comes to me often,
but nothing keeps the tears from falling away.
See how long does a baby keep crying,
a mere distraction can bring them around.
But life it can change while your just not looking,
it takes a shock to put your feet back on the ground.

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Mature love loving Maturely 
12:48am 10/08/2001
  Immature love says, "I love you because I need you." Mature love says, "I need you because I love you  

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The awakining 
04:05am 01/08/2001
mood: horny
The warmth I was in search of has found me. The pull I feel is unstoppable. I get to the doorway again. I see you stir again. I am compelled to go to you. Sliding in to the bed behind you. You purr in your sleep and nestle in to me. I wrap my self around you. I bury my face in your hair,sighing with the sweet scent of you bewitching my soul. You begin to awaken. I start kissing your neck. I trace your spin with my kisses. Your back arches at my caress. At my touch you moan softly. You lie face down.I straddle you. I rub my hands on you back kneading your muscles. As I push I start to rock with the motion. You realize I am near and push you bottom toward me. I push my way in your moist center. We both moan. I push with my hips and my hands press your flesh. We start to move in unison. The motion becomes faster ,harder. You reach for the head board. Pushing back with your arms panting and crying out in pleasure. I begin to breath hard. Primal noises spurt out form my lips. I wrap my hands on your shoulders for leverage. You begin to buck your hips. I can feel the wave rise in me. loose my self in the moment I loose form and feel the world become fuzzy. I cant hold on any longer. I gush and collapse. I surround you with my body. You turn to me and we hold for a moment trying to keep the connection for just a second longer as we drift slowly back to sleep....I jolt awake as the The kettle whistles and I land back into my body. I realize that was a dream about to come true as I turn towards the bedroom.

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I wake 
01:48am 31/07/2001
  I start to wake as fuzzy images of light and shadow creep in between my eyelids. I wrestle the sleep from my eyes and body. As I re-learn how to walk on the way to the bathroom I notice the silence. I stop in the doorway to the room. A sun beam streams across your half covered form. Your stir a little at the disturbance of my absence. I chuckle to my self. Wandering in to the kitchen in search of warmth and nourishment I feel the prickly sensation of mischievous thought grow through out my body. The thought of you a few feet away naked in peaceful slumber makes me stir for the second time this morning. I find my tea and start the water. Then I begin dreaming

More later

I feel like a million tonight --- but one at a time.
Mae West

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01:07am 18/07/2001
mood: devious
Bathroom door opens. I step through slowly,quietly. The room is full of steam the heat is heavy on my face, My pulse races with anticipation. I can see her silhouette through the glass.I try the door to see if it will make any sound. It slides slowly to the left. she still is not aware of me. She stands enveloped by the warm sheets of water cascading down her body. I stand for just a moment.I watch as she moves her hands over her skin. Eyes closed, leaning against the wall. The water pounds on her back, she moans softy and I can wait any longer.In one motion I step in the shower and grab her from behind. She jump slightly making a gasp as I start to bite back of her neck. I have been dreaming of her all day. I wade into her like a man dying of thirst. She leans forward and pushes her ass toward me. I put my hands on either side of her hips guiding her on to my dick. I start slow but quickly build a faster rhythm. She starts to make louder and louder noises.....

More later........

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Lime question 
04:28pm 07/07/2001
mood: curious
I'm making a key lime pie later & was wondering...The recipe calls for a teaspoon of grated lime peel. This is a stupid question, but do I grate the inside (lighter color) or the outside, or does it really matter? I thought I could just buy it, but I couldn't find it in my supermarket.

I just realized that I posted this question in "erotica" by accident. I'm a dimwit LOL :)

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Erotica Community in a nutshell 
11:54am 07/07/2001
  A quote from a new member "Sagebearz": "I like the dichotomy of posts, ranging from the serious to the silly. It also seems to be a very safe place to ask and state things that might not be accepted by mainstream society."  

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10:37pm 05/07/2001
mood: wondering
Anyone know where I might find some erotic/smutty/whatever fiction about Christina Aguilera?

<--- crushin on Ms. Chris bad

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