Shawn (sagebearz) wrote in erotica,

I wake

I start to wake as fuzzy images of light and shadow creep in between my eyelids. I wrestle the sleep from my eyes and body. As I re-learn how to walk on the way to the bathroom I notice the silence. I stop in the doorway to the room. A sun beam streams across your half covered form. Your stir a little at the disturbance of my absence. I chuckle to my self. Wandering in to the kitchen in search of warmth and nourishment I feel the prickly sensation of mischievous thought grow through out my body. The thought of you a few feet away naked in peaceful slumber makes me stir for the second time this morning. I find my tea and start the water. Then I begin dreaming

More later

I feel like a million tonight --- but one at a time.
Mae West
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