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The awakining

The warmth I was in search of has found me. The pull I feel is unstoppable. I get to the doorway again. I see you stir again. I am compelled to go to you. Sliding in to the bed behind you. You purr in your sleep and nestle in to me. I wrap my self around you. I bury my face in your hair,sighing with the sweet scent of you bewitching my soul. You begin to awaken. I start kissing your neck. I trace your spin with my kisses. Your back arches at my caress. At my touch you moan softly. You lie face down.I straddle you. I rub my hands on you back kneading your muscles. As I push I start to rock with the motion. You realize I am near and push you bottom toward me. I push my way in your moist center. We both moan. I push with my hips and my hands press your flesh. We start to move in unison. The motion becomes faster ,harder. You reach for the head board. Pushing back with your arms panting and crying out in pleasure. I begin to breath hard. Primal noises spurt out form my lips. I wrap my hands on your shoulders for leverage. You begin to buck your hips. I can feel the wave rise in me. loose my self in the moment I loose form and feel the world become fuzzy. I cant hold on any longer. I gush and collapse. I surround you with my body. You turn to me and we hold for a moment trying to keep the connection for just a second longer as we drift slowly back to sleep....I jolt awake as the The kettle whistles and I land back into my body. I realize that was a dream about to come true as I turn towards the bedroom.
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